I decided to revisit a movie this weekend 300. This movie from 2006 staring Gerard Butler is a brutal fighting movie. Its about the Spartan king Leonitis who takes 300 of his finest warriors to defend his country from an invading Persian army. It is legend that the Spartans were the most feared warriors of their time, and this film shows just how amazing they were. A Spartans greatest death is to die defending his country, and everyone of the 300 did so with great honor. This is a movie about a legend, all of the actors were taught how to fight and were put on a vigorous workout routine to fit the part of the character they were playing. The visual effects in this movie are amazing, over 8000 effects were used. One example of the many effects that were used was how they shot the film to make the Persian king look like he was over 7 feet tall. When looking from behind the king towards Leonitis the camera angle was from above. The reverse angle was used when looking from behind Leonitis towards the king. This movie is visually very interesting, as long as you can handle the blood it is worth the watch. 


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