Maleficent (2014)

 I saw Maleficent (2014) recently; the film is directed by Robert Stromberg and is currently in theaters. Maleficent is a sort of re-telling of the classic story of Sleeping Beauty. The story opens with the background of Maleficent as a young fairy who is enchanted by nature and in peace and harmony with everything around her. She discovers a friend one day in a small boy named Stefan who is wandering through the forest; this friendship turns into love. Then Stefan disappears. Some years later, he returns to the forest seeking his old friend Maleficent. Maleficent is unaware of Stefans evil purposes; he betrays Maleficent, cuts off and steals her wings. Maleficent is consumed with rage and in vengeance she seeks to take what he loves most, his only daughter. 

I was a bit reluctant to see this film at first but ended up liking the film. I’m not convinced that this film is an absolute masterpiece but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The film is centralized around the character of Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie and Angelina played Maleficent brilliantly. The principle criticism that I have against this film is that it’s too simple for my liking. The dialogue is sparse and the story seems to pass you by. The story sort of leaves you behind and nothing is given time to sink in. 

Overall, I would recommend you see the movie, even if just to see how well Maleficent is portrayed.


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