SideKicks (1992) Movie Blog Week 4

Director: Aaron Norris

Synopsis:  Barry (played by the late Jonathon Brandis) is the odd kid at his high school, constantly dazing off into a daydream, often involving him doing heroic acts with the help of Chuck Norris.  These dreams include many different scenarios such as ninjas, the military, and the wild west.  Throughout the film Barry is barraged with bullying from most of the kids at school for being so wimpy.  One girl that he has a crush on, Lauren, is the only one that is nice to him.  Eventually he meets Mr. Lee (played by the Legendary Mako), who teaches him the way of martial arts, so he can finally stand up for himself and really have a chance at being the hero he always dreams about.  Add a few montages of training, some people for Mr Lee to beat up to prove himself, the plot of the Karate Kid and you’re all done.

Review:  Very standard stuff here with the whole inspirational early 90’s movie.  Chuck Norris was popular legitimately in those days, rather than ironically today, so that is pretty funny to watch.  To be perfectly fair the movie is a lot of fun to watch.  A lot of funny moments, whether I am laughing with the movie or at it is another thing.  This film is VERY cliche, but its pretty good if you like bad movies, especially Karate Kid type movies.


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