“The Black Knight Rises”

I watched “The Dark Knight Rises”. The movie was written by David S. Goyer, brothers Jonathon and Christopher  Nolan in 2012. Christopher also directed the movie. The main character in the movie is  Bruce Wayne, played by Christen Bale. Other major supporting roles were played by Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, Tom Hardy as Bane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake, Anne Hathaway as the Cat Burglar and Morgan Freeman as Fox.   The storyline picks up where Batman has taken the blame for  the murder of Harvey Dent and goes into seclusion. During Batman’s hiatus Bruce Wayne has also been hiding out, costing himself his inherited fortune and fame. It was the threat of a complete annihilation of Gothem City that brought Batman back from the shadows. A mercenary named Bane set loose a gang of mercenaries to take over Gothem while he was planning to detonate a bomb and blow up the city. This movie was the last of a trilogy series,  it is a considerably violent movie with a lot of killing. The action in this film is incredible, there are amazing special effects throughout the entire movie.I would rate this film a 9 out of 10 and would recommend it to many people. If anyone likes comic book movies this is the one to see.   Although, I would not recommend this movie for young children, even with parental guidance.


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