Immortals 2011

Director- Tarsem Singh


Synopsis- The movie follows a man by the name of Theseus who is a skilled warrior. His village is about to be attacked and they are evacuated. Being a “undesirable”, Theseus and his mother, among other villagers have to wait the following day to travel. A traitor gives up the villages location to Hyperion, a man bent on vengeance to the gods, and he attacks the village.

Killing Theseus’s mother and taking him as a prisoner, Theseus now wants revenge on Hyperion. With the help of a prophet he escapes and is on a journey to find Hyperion. The prophet sees a vision where he needs to return to his home village to bury his mother. 

He does return and as his laying her to rest he discovers the  Epirus Bow. The bow that could release the titans. The very bow that Hyperion is looking for. This could be the key to finding Hyperion and Theseus takes it.


Review- I enjoyed this movie very much, so much in fact I added it to my collection. The action is great and the story of the God’s is very well done. It’s full of suspense and a great story of a hero. I’ve never seen any other films done by the director, but I will look into them because I liked how this one was done. The films cinematography was done wonderfully, with a lot of long shoots to show the landscape. It pulls into that time and a great story of good vs evil.


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