Kick-Ass 2 2013


Director- Jeff Wadlow

Synopsis- A sequel about a high school student, Dave Lizewski (AKA Kick-Ass), who decided he wanted to stop reading comic books but live them. Dave begins to get bored and starts training with another hero from the first film known as Hit-Girl. Another high school kid, Chris D’Amico, decides he wants to be the first super villain and wants to go after Kick-Ass.

After Hit-Girls guardian discovers she’s fighting crime he makes her promise to stop it at once, leaving Kick-Ass on his own. Dave decides it’s time to go look for other heroes to join up with and discovers Justice Forever.  After Justice Forever stops a brothel and make it on the news Chris D’Amico wants a group of his own. 

Chris’s group starts to hunt down Justice Forever members one by one. Forcing them into a brawl.



A movie with a lot of action and more laughs, who could ask for more. I found this to be a great sequel to the first and hope for a third. I enjoyed how the story was told and shoot. I find Christopher Mintz-Plasse hilarious in the film. This film fits right in with the director, he also directed Never Back Down, and you can tell with the fighting in the film. I wouldn’t recommend it to some people though, I feel it’s for a different crowd. All in all I enjoyed the movie!



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