Super Size Me(2003)



Super Size Me is a documentary focused on making people aware of the risk that daily fast food consumption may have on the human body. Can you trust fast food industries without question? For 30 days, Morgan Spurlock ordered McDonald’s super-sized meals 3 times daily. Sometimes it seemed as if he was force feeding himself, and that was a little stomach wrenching to watch. Throughout the movie he gained some health issues, and his soul purpose/point was expressed. I will definitely be avoiding McDonalds. The distinct relationship between the storyteller and the subject is apparent. The storyteller documents his points by actually being the voice and test subject of the film. This film falls under being subjective. The main point seems to be influenced with one common view from the director. Super Size Me mainly portrays the performative mode. This film was based on the directors experience to persuade the audience to believe his point. At times the movie could be considered observational too. This movie has been convincing, and enlightening. I was left with an overwhelming impression about McDonalds and certain fats we consume as humans. I wouldn’t watch this movie again, but no need because It will carry an everlasting disgust for fast food, and force feeding.




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