American Hustle is a screen play written by Eric Warren Singer. It was filmed in 2013 and directed by David Russell. It stars Christen Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. It is a movie about two con artists forced to go undercover for the FBI.  During the course of the  undercover operation the con artists are thrown into the world of power brokers, the mafia and a head political figure. One in particular is New Jersey’s mayor Carmine Polito . He too is a criminal due to his activity dealing with the rebuilding of Atlantic City, he is “on the take”, accepting bribe money.  This movie portrays several actual events that took place in the 1970’s surrounding the owner of a chain of dry cleaning stores. His illegal activity caught up to him and now he tries to find a way out of trouble for himself and his mistress.  I would rate this film a 7.5 out of 10.


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