Introduction and director:

This week I watched Maleficent and first of all I have to say it was amazing. This is an American Disney fantasy film directed by Robert Stromberg from a screenplay by Linda Woolverton.


Angelina Jolie plays the role of Maleficent from the antagonist’s perspective. This is a version of the classic Walt Disney’s animated film Sleeping Beauty.

The story of this movie is explained by a narrator about the story of Maleficent, a very strong and powerful fairy in a place that borders a human kingdom. When she was a young girl, she fells in love with a boy from the human kingdom that wanders around the Moors.

They grow up together but as they grow older, Stefan, the boy stops seeing Maleficent.

The current king of the human kingdom, battles with Maleficent when he and all his kingdom tried to invade the Moors. She defeats him with her powers and ability to fly and he offers to name as his successor the one that kills her. Stefan decides to go back to the Moors to see Maleficent and he gives her some drugs and when she fall asleep he is about to kill her but he is not able to do it. So he cut her wings to show it to the king as a proof of her death.

She reveals and is devastated so she rescues a raven, Diaval and she makes him serve her as her messenger for what is going on in the human kingdom. She finds out that Stefan has been named the king and after that she declares herself as the queen of the Moors.


The whole movie is really well done and the mixture between fantasy and human characters is amazing. I didn’t have a lot of expectations from this movie and I am not a fan of modern fantasy movies but I have to say Disney has been on top of it with Frozen and Maleficent. These two movies had been focusing on empowering the woman with the fact of being Queens and the woman is not saved anymore by a prince, but is now saved by other characters like between sisters.

The effects in this movie like the colors and the effects on objects like the wings or her fast movements are great. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when the camera follows Maleficent when she is flying. This gives the feeling that she is a strong woman.

This is a video that I really liked of different parts of the making off/behind the scenes of the movie:



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