O Brother Where art Thou? 2000 directed by Joel and Ethan Coen

I saw a film this week called O Brother Where art Thou.  It is about three convicts that escape from prison and have all kinds of adventures while they run from the prison guards that are after them.  they stole a chicken to eat, meet some girls who seduce them, and meet a bank robber named George Nelson.  Two of the three get saved and baptized.  They pick up a hitch hiker with a guitar and do a song on the radio with him.  It becomes a hit record all over.  They called themselves the Soggy Bottom Boys.  Different events happened to the three men as they seek a treasure that will be flooded by a dam in a few days.  One of the guys was trying to get his wife back.  All during the movie there was old time music.    I enjoyed seeing the dog and other things floating in the water



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