Spirited Away (2001) (Week 5)



Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki

Synopsis:  In this film 10 year old Chihiro and her parents are driving to their new home, when they decide to take a shortcut through the woods.  Right off the bat Chihiro can tell that there is something strange about the new area they have discovered deep in the woods, however her parents feel that everything is perfectly normal and proceed to not only enter the village, but begin eating food they found at an abandoned fairgrounds.  They begin to morph into pigs and we find that Chihiro is all alone in a supernatural area, with a lot of growing up to do.  Throughout the film a lot of very interesting characters are involved in the story such as Haku and the evil Yubaba.  The ultimate goal for Chihiro is to simply find enough friends to manage and make her parents human again, to escape the surreal world she has found herself in.

Review:  Amazing work by Studio Ghibly as usual, perhaps one of their finest.  Amazing score, very atmospheric and peaceful, yet suspenseful.  The artwork is truly remarkable with stunning landscapes and character designs.  The story is very original and interesting.  Everything about the movie seems very cozy to me.  I would legitimately give this a 10/10, I’ll be watching at least once every few years or so.


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