Week 6 – PINA

Pina, a dance documentary film in 3D for Pina Bausch, directed by Wim Wenders in 2011. The film consist of the amazing Pina’s avant-garde dance pieces with the highly acclaimed Tanztheater troupe is mind blowing of images that interlace, juxtapose, and flutter into angles of dancing a new modern way. Unexpectedly, Pina died before completing the production in 2009, but Wim was persuaded by Tanztheater troupe to finish the film for the importance of showcasing the complexities of dance through movement. Pina believed that dance should invoke deep meanings through our body gestures without using words to describe. Dancing to express the senses of visual storytelling that leaves you breathlessly craving more. What struck me in the dance performances were the dancers’ power of pushing gestures into new forms of sculptural movements stimulating life’s emotions; the scenes were hypnotic, seductive and provocative with intrepid interviews of the Tanztheater dancers. Of the four dance pieces, Kontakthof, I felt it was so perfectly edited in creating the timing of showing various generations as one dance performance. The dancers dressed in the same gowns and suits exchanging performances to stand out by age and dance gestures to set themselves apart from each other. I’m not an expert on dance studies, but this movie has given me the curiosity to research more about Pina’s life as a German choreographer-dancer which she contributed her legacy for future generations.



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