In A World…


Alright, this whole review is voiced in a very deep and ominous voice, so make sure you have it correct in your head.

In A World, is a film about the cut-throat world of voice overs. Written, directed by and starring Lake Bell, the story follows Carol, the daughter of a voice over “god” who is potentially¬†the next in line to be new voice of movie trailers everywhere, stepping into the shoes of the legendary voiceover guy Don LaFontaine. Despite the small world of voice overs, sexism, nepotism, and a father that doesn’t believe that Carol is capable of anything other than shampoo commercials, Carol shines with her mastery of accents, and almost falls into the shoes of the big boys of voice over. She proves that a woman can make it as a movie trailer voice over artist and helps to bring dignity to herself (a challenge for her) and confidence in her craft.


As a voice over artist myself, this film was very inspiring to me, and fun to watch. Bell has a great way of not taking herself or this film too seriously, yet it has a few serious messages hidden within all of the fun of the story.

This is not a blockbuster film by any means, but it is on my “must watch” list. It gives a little behind the scenes look into a billion dollar industry that most people just don’t pay attention to.



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