Close Encounters of the Third Kind(1977)

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind is about a personal encounter of a UFO. The main character, Roy experiences seeing a UFO, and is automatically drawn by his curiosity. Roy’s curiosity turns into a deep passion to discover. As you watch further into the movie, incredible things take place. The plot is very audience involving. I was left with wanting to see more, and more scene-to-scene.This movie is no doubt Sci-fi genre because of the cinematography and special effects that take place. A lot seemed to be out of this world. I would also consider this movie to be an adventure considering the main character is on an adventure to discover. At times you can see some complexity, and emotion taking place that could draw your mind towards drama as well. I’m confident that this movie consists of a few genres making it that much more amazing! I loved the cinematography of this movie. For an older film, the effects were amazing, and I enjoyed every scene. The characters were distinct and relate-able. Many times I could imagine feeling the amazement that the characters had. I highly suggest that everyone give this movie a try, unless you’re afraid of extraterrestrial scenes. Fantastic movie!




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