Flight of the Phoenix (2004)

Flight of the Phoenix (2004), directed by John Moore is the story of Captain Frank Towns (Dennis Quaid) who is flying a cargo plane full of workers home after a job in the Mongolian desert. Frank sees a vicious storm approaching and decides to fly through it. The storm is so wild that it begins to pick apart the plane and destroys one of the turbine engines. Captain Towns takes the plane down to crash land in the middle of the desert, hundreds of miles off course. The plane is in bad shape but still proves to be good shelter from the deserts volatile weather. The Captain estimates using his map that they are hundreds of miles from anywhere. There is water and food on the plane but the group must ration it to survive in the hot sun. The survivors brainstorming proves ineffective and they start to become restless and worried. Elliott, one of the passengers, informs everyone that he is an airplane engineer and he believes they can use the remaining engine and components to build a plane. They must band together to overcome great obstacles and escape the heat of the desert before it kills all of them. 

This adventure film has enough twists and turns to keep you interested throughout the film. The story is typical but the characters are convincing. This is not a film that I would watch again and again but I’m glad that I saw it. 



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