“Captain Phillips” is a true story filmed in 2013. It was directed by Paul Greengrass and is based off a book written by Richard Phillips. The two main characters in this movie are Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips and Barkhead Abdi as the Pirate leader. The story takes place in the African Great Lakes region, where the transport vessel Maersk Alabama is high jacked by a group of Somali Pirates. The pirates are faced with every possible resistance from the crew. As a result the pirate leader is taken hostage and is coaxed into leaving the ship on a emergency escape vessel with the rest of the pirates. Captain Phillips gets caught up in the exchange and is forced into the vessel and taken with the pirates. During the coarse of their escape the Untied States Navy shows up and resolves the conflict. This movie is a suspense-thriller, but it is not necessarily a fast passed movie. The scenes focus on the dialog as to include the viewer in the relationship between the characters. It has a typical ending to a heroic-type movie. I would rate this movie a 7 out of 10 even thought it received 4 Golden Globe nominations.   


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