I saw the movie LUCY, directed by Luc Besson, and staring Scarlett Johansson as Lucy.  This movie takes place in present day and involves a young woman named Lucy, that gets pulled into a drug smuggling ring.  The criminals surgically implant a new type of drug into humans to have them smuggle them into various countries where they can the be removed and sold.  During an altercation with a smuggler Lucy is beaten and her implanted bag of drugs is ruptured.  After some time she starts to be able to access more and more of her mind leading to some very interesting results.  She decides to seek out the leading brain scientist (Morgan Freedman) to try and help her make since of her new found intellect and powers.  This movie was OK, but had a very sudden ending that some may find less than satisfying.  Save this one for the video rental and you will feel like you got your monies worth.


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