Pitch Perfect (2012) – Perfect Fun!

This week I am pulling a little from the not too far back machine and reviewing Pitch Perfect directed by Jason Moore and starring Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson.

This is a “musical” in the sense that there is singing throughout the film and a comedy as it is…funny.

The story is about a loner girl (Anna Kendrick) off to college when she would much rather be in Hollywood producing music. Beca (Kendrick) is very good at producing music and pushing people away from her. She takes a work study job at the college radio station in the hopes of being able to play her music on air, but mainly gets to re-file media that gets played on air. She meets Jesse (Skylar Astin) at the radio station and become sort of involved. He educates her on film and soundtracks and she educates him on music and how not to succeed with her.

A Capella is the thing on this college campus and two of the best a cappella groups in the country are based there. Beca gets dragged (kicking and screaming) to auditions and immediately is accepted to the group.

The story follows the journey of the old guard training the new in the style that has always been taught, but the newbies want to modernize the acts. Beca mixes things up and brings a fresh and fun style to the group.

This film is a fun story that loves to go over the top at times, and lands squarely in reality at others. There is no shortage of humor mixed in with some great vocal performances and a little bit of romance and a feel good ending.

I absolutely enjoyed this film and in my research for this review found out that Pitch Perfect 2 is in production now for a May 2015 release.



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