The Recruit (2003)

The Recruit (2003) is a film that was directed by Roger Donaldson and stars Colin Farrell and Al Pacino. Walter Burke (played by Al Pacino) is a distinguished and talented CIA recruiter who has his sights set on the talented James Clayton (Colin Farrell). James Clayton is a recent graduate of MIT and has developed a software program called Spartacus that garners attention from some personnel from Dell. Burke finally gets the chance to talk to Clayton and attempts to recruit him for the CIA. James is resistant at first saying that he’s not the type but Walter Burke leads him along by hinting at some information on James’s long disappeared father. After James decides to join the CIA, he begins training with a number of other recruits at a CIA facility known as the Farm. He is trained on how to use a variety of weapons and how to subdue an enemy in hand to hand combat. At the farm, the new recruits are placed in a series of tests that are designed to compromise them and prepare them for operating in the real world. James fails one of these tests and is kicked out of the program only to discover that he was set up so he could be an undercover agent within the CIA. There is a traitor in the CIA and James must discover and apprehend this agent. 

Both Colin Farrell and Al Pacino portrayed their characters masterfully to make a thoughtful and engaging film. As the plot thickens you discover the films often said motto: “All is not what it seems”.


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