Directed by: Andrew Stanton 

Animation/Adventure/Family- 98 minutes 

WALL-E is an animated film based on a dramatized theory of what could occur in the future. WALL-E is an adorable robot who found himself stranded and alone. Shortly after, his destiny sparked.He found himself on an out of this world ride, literally. Along the way he finds a special robot named EVE, and falls in love. The environment around WALL-E on his journey is theoretically believable. The animation was incredible, and the plot was touching. WALL-E is more realistic than formalistic because the movie portrays a believable future. I felt connected to the characters emotions through the music. Strong vibes were relayed through music during scenes with WALL-E and EVE. The music was intended to make the audience feel anticipation, and empathy for the characters. I was kept very focused, and so was my son. WALL-E is an amazing movie for all ages, and I highly suggest watching the movie. 


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