The Three Stooges Men In Black (1935)

Director: Raymand McCarey
Synopsis: This time I decided to watch a short film called men in black. In this short film Larry, Moe, and Curly are doctor fresh out of school. The only reason why the three of them finished school was because they had been in the senior class for to long. In order to keep the reason they graduated a secret they have to devote they work to duty and humanity. So every time that they get called to a room to take care of a patient the find a different and wacky way of transportation be it a three person bike or an old go kart. All of the way both Larry and Curly are getting smacked and pocked in the eyes by Moe. In the end of the film for some strange reason the superintendent decides to tell Larry, Moe, and Curly that he accidentally swallowed the combination to his safe and need to surgery to get it out so he can get the radio from the safe.
Review: I really like the old type of comedy that they have in the old Three Stooges short films. The comedy is not really about making jokes or references to some thing it more about the strange and wacky thing that they do that is out of the ordinary.


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