Bad Santa 2003

bad-santa_movieposter_1386370617Director- Terry Zwigoff

Synopsis- A con man and his partner, Thorntan and Cox, pull of cons by dressing up as Santa and his little helper. Then one Christmas Thorntans character befriends a troubled child and puts a wrench into the plans. Will they make it to next Christmas or be spending their time in jail.

Review- A raunchy comedy, that has a lot of laughs. It’s better to watch it with a group of friends that have a weird sense of humor. Some would say its a little disturbing, and others would say its just horrible. I really enjoyed it though, I have countless laughs. I would definitely say it’s not for everyone though. I enjoyed the way Billy Bob Thorntan did this movie as a wash up old drunk. I would give it an 6 out of ten and suggest it to just a few individuals.


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