The Sandlot (1993)

Director:  David M. Evans

Synopsis:  The protagonist, Scottie Smalls, is the new kid in town.  He isn’t very athletic, he seems to enjoy things like tinker toys and whatnot.  His mother, desperately trying to have him live a normal life, decides to tell him to make friends.  When he wants to play baseball with some of the kids in town, his prowess, or lack there of, becomes apparent.  Rodriguez, the best player in town, decides that Smalls is going to play with them, even though everyone made fun of him.  So once “Smalls” has been properly initiated, they spend the summer having all sorts of adventures, like going the swimming pool when it gets too hot to play, and the game against the little leaguers.  There are a lot of fun characters in the film such as “Ham”, “Squints”, and “Yeah-Yeah”.

Review: Classic sports movie.  Not only does it exemplify the importance of baseball and the joy that it can bring, but it also stresses the importance of having close friends to have experiences with.  A great film for the young and old, the nerdy and athletic.  The music and cinematography was also spot-on.  You would think that in a movie like this, those aspects would be overlooked.  However the lighting and camera shots were all good, and the theme song is forever embedded in my head. 5/5


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