Annabelle, 2014


Director: John R. Leonetti

Synopsis: Annabelle is a story about a married couple who is expecting a child, everything in their lives are perfect until the doll Annabelle comes into their life. Annabelle is a doll that is haunted by it’s previous owner, a teenage girl who killed herself for satan. When the couple bring Annabelle into their house, strange things start to happen in a series of events. It seems that whatever is haunting them is after the woman’s baby. After the woman gives birth to the child, they move away to somewhere else and throw away the doll, suspecting maybe it’s the reason for these chain of events. Months after they are moved in, and go to unpack some boxes, they find the doll. The woman feels she needs to put it in the pass and puts the doll in the babies nursery as decoration. Soon the haunting begins again, but even worse than before. They discover its a demon haunting them that is attached with the doll, and that the demon wants their baby’s innocent soul.

Review: The movie “Annabelle” was very scary indeed. I alway enjoy a good scary movie and this one kept me jumping. I really liked how they hold the suspense throughout the entire movie. I kept hiding my face in my boyfriend arm cause there were times I was to scared to see what would happen next. I also really liked how creepy they made the demon look, exactly how I would picture a demon to look like. Some thing I think they could improve though is they fact that the entire movie was pretty sad, except for the beginning the whole movie just kept getting sadder and sadder for the woman and her baby, and there wasn’t really a “happy ending”, but I guess thats what they were going for. The movie fits in well with the rest of the director, John R. Leonetti’s, work. Most of the films he has worked on have been horror/thrillers, so this fits right in. I also noticed how the first movie he ever worked on as a cinematographer was Child’s Play 3, which was one of the first scary movies I watched as a child that left me scared of dolls till this day.



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