Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013)

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Synopsis: Bad Grandpa presents a relationship of a grandfather and his young grandson. The grandfather, played by Johnny Knoxville is a recent widower. His daughter, en route to jail for meth use, drops off his grandson at the funeral for his wife. The inconvenienced grandfather shortly there after contacts the boy’s father to make arrangements for the boy to go live with his father. All these events lead to a road trip of hilarity and hijinks as only Jackass could present.

Review: This movie pushes the Jackass films to the limits. I really enjoyed how they compiled their love of pranks into a story. I cannot recall the last time I laughed so hard watching a movie. The relationship between the grandfather and child , albeit inappropriate, is endearing and hilarious. Everyone knows you shouldn’t have a school aged child push an old man in a grocery cart through a drive thru or enter a young boy in a girl’s beauty pageant but I just can’t help but laugh at juvenile pranks and the crude banter. I also thought how they interacted with the unknowing public in this film was hysterical, their camera placement was absolute genius. The people in this movie, besides the main characters, had no idea that the crazy duo of grandfather and grandson were actors. People would observe the interaction between this man and child with looks of absolute shock and dismay on their faces. I have always been a fan of the Jackass movies and shows, and I believe this is their best work to date. Johnny Knoxville was so believable as a drunken, horny curmudgeon. The grandson played by Jackson Nicoll did such an amazing job, his deadpan expressions were so priceless. While this is clearly crude humor, it is a fun movie to watch and quite enjoyable.



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