Kumare’: The True Story of a False Prophet (2011)

Director: Vikram Gandhi

Synopsis: Kumare’ is a documentary filmed by Director, Vikram Gandi.  Gandi also starred in the film as himself and self-created guru and alter-ego, “Kumare”.  Gandi had been brought up in a religious home and in his 20’s, began to question everything about religion and spirituality.  Were people so easily gullible?  He decided to take on the persona of “Kumare”, a wise Indian guru to see if he could create a following.  He soon found himself catapulted to Guru status by a quickly growing group of “disciples” in Arizona who he eventually had to tell his truth.  This film received mixed reviews, as some believed the premise lacked morality.  Others believed it to be enlightening.

Review: Controversial documentary.  This film tells the tale of a spiritual quest of an individual who takes on a false persona that impacts many.  As Kumare’ develops a following and his experiment rapidly grows beyond what he anticipates, a great lesson unfolds: people need to believe there is someone or something out there greater than themselves. It also reminds us that we are all human and that deception, no matter for what purpose or the initial intention, can create a negative ripple effect in the lives of the recipient. Great music and location shots. 5/5



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