Under The Tuscan Sun

Director: Audrey Wells

Synopsis: This is a classic feel good film. The lead character Frances (Diane Lane) a woman scorned divorces her husband and tries to rebuild her life. On the advice from friends and the accepted gift of a “Gay Tour” to Italy she began her journey. While on the tour Frances stumbled across a rundown estate in need of extreme repair and rejuvenation.   She purchased the estate and began the process of rebuilding and in so doing rebuilt herself and self-esteem. Frances was looking for a new love relationship and was able to find it within herself and the family members she acquired along her journey. The one relationship that seemed to please her most was with a gentlemen she never even spoke to however communicated with him by expression of self.

Review: I enjoyed this film and it’s concept of being able to find your own self-worth. It is not always an easy process and yet there is almost always someone to help you along the way. The scenery was beautiful and inviting. I liked the way Frances learned to interact with the people of Italy. Her facial expressions were priceless. Her love of cooking and food was a valuable resource for braking down the communication barrier is several of the scenes.


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