Crazy, Stupid, Love

Director: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Synopsis: A man who thought he was happily married with children, his life is sent into a tail spin when his wife asks for a divorce.  He meets a young guy at a bar and he teaches him the ways of picking up women.  He realizes this short lived fun is not what he wants. At the same time his teacher meets a woman that makes him realize that he wants more than one night stands. Then their two lives truly collide.

Review: Sometimes ensemble casts don’t work together but in this movie they really do, Steve Carrell & Ryan Gosling have great chemistry as they become unlikely friends.  Its a very light hearted movie that has moments of showing the side of divorce when two people still love each other very much but one person is confused.  Also how people around react to marriage and how sympathetic they are and who they choose to stay friends with.


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