The Other Woman 2014

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Synopsis: Husband and wife, Mark (Nickolaj Coster-Walua) and Kate (Leslie Mann) are happily married. Kate quit her job to support Marks career goals and become the perfect wife. And to Kate their marriage is perfect until one night Carly (Cameron Diaz) shows up at her front door looking for Mark. This leads to Kate uncovering that her husband has a mistress, Carly and to Carly realizing her boyfriend Mark has a wife. Carly of course stops all communication with Mark, but Kate wants more. Kate and Carly form a kind of sisterhood/friendship in their plan to ruin Mark. Along the way they discover Amber (Kate Upton) who is also a girlfriend of Mark. The three ladies ban together to beat Mark at his own game by taking away everything. His good looks, his money, his job and all of his women. This story of three women coming together to get even.

Review: I really enjoyed this movie, but I am kind of a sucker for chick flicks. This is definitely a story that has be told before. People especially women love to bond over a common hate. Although this movie was super predictable it’s a classic. Everyone loves it when the good guys win and the bad guys go down burning. Would I watch it again probably not, but I would recommend it as a perfect girl’s night in movie accompanied by some chocolate, popcorn and wine.


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