22 Jump Street (2014)


Directed by Phil Lord.

Synopsis:  The amazing duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back for another stupid but awesome movie.  The two play cops who suck at being cops.  Yet somehow they got invited into a special branch where they fight crime.  They both look young and act young so they get sent undercover to find dangerous drug dealers who sell designer drugs to the youth.  The movie is full of crazy stunts and general dumb behavior but there actually is a story.  The two break apart and become best friends over the course of the movie  They cannot escape the fact that they work amazingly together as they destroy a college campus and catch the bad guys.

Review:   This is not a serious movie.  It is a comedy that has the exact same story as the first movie, 21 Jump Street.  The characters in the movie openly point that out and that makes it even better.  The movie has hot girls, loud music, fast cars, guns and drugs.  That, paired with the hilarious antics of Tatum and Hill, make for an interesting two hours.  While the movie is awesome, it is not as good as the first in the series.  The story was the same and it really was not crude enough.  That was something the first movie had that made it so epic.  The crazy moments just where not that for the second one.  There was nothing in 22 Jump Street that was not outdone by the  first movie.  I would still recommend this movie but watch the original first.


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