Dracula Untold (2014)


Director: Gary Shore

Synopsis: This movie is a story about a Prince named Vlad and his family during the war against the Turks. The Turks request one thousand boys from Vlad’s Kingdom for the war including his only son. Vlad did not want to let this happen and he went on a journey seeking higher power. He discovered a ancient vampire who had this power he was seeking. Vlad asked for his help and the vampire gave Vlad his blood which would give him the option to have the powers of a vampire, strength, speed, immortality, and more for three days and then he would turn back mortal, but only if he did not drink human blood during those three days, if he did then he would remain a vampire forever. Vlad drank the blood and went to fight for his kingdom. He killed thousands of Turks with his bare hands in one battle on the first day, but then he began to realize his insane thirst for blood. He kept fighting for his kingdom while also fighting his urge. On the last day of his power he thought he would kill the Turks king and the war would be over, but it was not, and he decided to give in to his urge to fight on for his son.

Review: I loved this movie! From start to finish I was complete captivated. I loved how it had just the right amount of action and mystery and romance and horror all in one. After the movie was finish it had me wanting more, which in the way they ended it I’m really hoping there will be a sequel. The actors were amazing and the attention to detail was impeccable. I honestly would recommend it to anyone to go see. Before I went to the movie I actually did a bit of reading up on the director, Gary Shore, and found out this is his first featured film after transitioning from high-end commercial directing. So I went into the movie with more attention to detail then I generally do, and I do have to say I was impressed and amazed by his work. Overall great movie and I can’t wait for the sequel (I’m crossing my fingers).


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