Final Destination (2000)

Director: James Wong

Synopsis: Alex is going on a trip to Paris with his class and shortly after they board the airplane he has a premonition about the plane exploding upon takeoff. He causes a disturbance and is taken off the plane along with several classmates and a teacher. Just as the plane takes off, they all watch it explode just like Alex had seen. As the movie goes along, each one of the surviving classmates starts to mysteriously die from freak accidents. Alex figures out that death has a plan and you can’t cheat it, it is coming back for all the students that were suppose to die on the plane that day, in the same order they would have died. They are left to figure out how to cheat death again and stay alive.

Review: I love this movie, it was so suspenseful and freaky. After watching it, I am now paranoid of every little thing that could cause a freak accident to happen. The movie plays on your fears of an accidental death and brings death itself to life as a character, in a way. I love scary movies and this one had me holding my husbands arm and occasionally jumping. I will definitely be watching the next in the series and hoping they are as good as the first!


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