This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

Director: Shawn Levy

Synopsis: In this comedy, Judd Altman experiences big changes in his life. He finds that his wife has been cheating on him with his boss from work, and that his father has passed away forcing him to live with his three siblings and mother for a week. Each sibling and the mother have their own life lessons that they are trying to figure out, and they are all drawn together to help support and help figure out what those life lessons are. Judd’s sister Wendy is trying to raise two children in a failing marriage with a husband she does not love, and ends up in the presence of the man she has always loved. Judd’s brother Paul is married to Judd’s ex-girlfriend and is constantly reminded that he cannot get his wife pregnant. Judd’s youngest brother Phillip is out of control and sleeping with his much older therapist. They all have loved, have lost love, and are trying to find who they each really are amongst many turmoils.

Review: I thought that this movie is HILARIOUS! I was laughing throughout the entire film. It is funny to watch all of the characters go through all of these experiences, especially experiences that I have gone through myself. I began to relate to the characters, which enabled me to experience many different emotions while watching the film. As I got emotionally attached, I wanted to see what would happen with each character. For example, a big event causes Judd to reconnect with his wife. This made me so mad, as I feel like she cheated and doesn’t deserve his time! There were actually many scenes in this film that I did not expect to happen and I was caught off guard. I like being caught off guard in a movie because I feel like that is the intent with most films but is not the end result, as you end up predicting most of the film from viewing the same scenario somewhere else. I also found that I wanted each character to find happiness. I definitely wanted to see a happy ending in this film. This is also one of those films that is so funny, you find yourself quoting it for a long time after watching it. I highly recommend this film to anyone wanting to go see a movie. Shawn Levy directed Reel Steel, Night At The Museum, The Internship, Cheaper By The Dozen, and The Pink Panther. I have only seen three out of all of these films, and I see that he likes to be involved with comedies. The Pink Panther is a classic example.


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