Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)


Directors: Kelly Asbury & Lorna Cook

Synopsis: This movie by DreamWorks is a children’s movie about a stallion mustang named Spirit’s adventure during the 19th century in the wild west. Spirit is captured by military cowboys and when they try to break him into a military horse they find the task harder then they expected. Spirit is Stubborn and can’t be broken. During this processes another character comes into the movie, a Native American Indian, the military had also captured him. The boy and Spirit escape and the boy keeps Spirit and tries to ride him. Meanwhile Spirit falls in love with the Indian boy’s female horse, Rain. Spirit misses his heard, his family, and eventually after many countless times of trying and failing to ride him, the boy lets him go. Just as Spirit is about to run home, the military invades the indians’ campgrounds and Spirit faces the heart-tearing decision of either running back to his family or staying to help the boy and his love, Rain. He decides to stay and it takes him on a longer journey than he imagined.

Review: I absolutely love this move! It came out when I was a child and I have loved it since the first time I watched it and every time I watch it again I love it more. I think its amazing how they animated it so well that even though the main characters ( the horses) can’t talk, you can tell what they are trying to say and what they are feeling by the expressions on their faces. I love the music they chose, it really sets the mood perfectly for every scene, I also own the movie soundtrack on CD because I love the music so much. The directors, Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook did a very good job on this movie and I love the image they portrayed. I did some research on the movies they have worked on in the past and I think this one fits right in with the rest of the animated films they each have worked on, for example, Sherk 2, Gnomeo & Juliet, Mulan, and The Lion King are all some of the movies they have worked on.  I think this movie is very inspirational and moving, it never fails to give me goosebumps and I think its a great movie not only for children but for viewers of all ages.


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