Bridesmaids (2011)

Director: Paul Feig

Synopsis: Annie is a maid of honor in her best friend, Lillian’s, wedding. As she tries to come to terms with where she has gone with her life, she also tries to support her best friend marry the man of her dreams. Annie and a hilarious group of bridesmaids take a journey to the alter. With the drama spread wildly amongst the girls, they try to make it through each event of the pre wedding rituals all in one piece. In the end, friendship is found to be the most important piece to any successful marriage and Annie realizes that being bitter is the worst thing she can do for her best friend.

Review: Bridesmaid is my favorite comedy movie of all time. Kristen Wiig never fails to make a great comedy, and although in the movie her role is in a tough place, she still makes the movie hilarious. The plot is simple with some twists and the ending doesn’t disappoint. THis is a fun, feel-good movie about friendship and life.


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