Contagion (2011)


Director: Steven Soderbergh

Synopsis: A woman named Beth returns from Hong Kong and is visibly sick.  Her husband watches as she gets sicker and sicker.  The movie shows many other people feeling similarly to Beth all across the world.  Not a day after she had arrived home, Beth dies in her husbands arms.  Next their son dies and her husband Mitch is left reeling and asking questions about what killed her. Doctors use his wife’s blood to begin trying to figure out what the disease is and before long more people are dying.  The disease spreads faster and faster and governments figure out just how contagious it is.

Review: This movie was surprisingly good.  The best part was how well it portrayed the governments response to an outbreak of a infectious disease.  It showed what different countries where doing during the spread of the contagious infection.  The characters where from nay different walks of life and it was cool to see how the responded to the disease in different ways.  They all where all trying to survive but did drastically different things in response to the death of those around them.  The father daughter relationship was very well done as well as the teacher student relationship.  The blogger’s constant doubt and annoyance of the doctors as they worked on a cure was entertaining as well.


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