G.I. Jane (1997)

Director: Ridley Scott

Synopsis: G.I. Jane is about a female U.S. Navy Lieutenant Jordan O´Neill who works as an analyst, but intends to defeat the odds and accomplish woman equality within the US military. The Democratic Senator of Texas is active in women´s rights within the military and had been receiving several complaints regarding assaults on women, so decided to send Jordan O´Neill into a specialized Navy Seal training. Everyone expects that O´Neill will fail, but she is determined to prove them all wrong and ends up defeating most men in training.

Review: G.I. Jane is a very empowering movie as it really captures how women can rise above and beyond expectations in a “man’s world”. There are a lot of scenes that are unrealistic and make you think that you may want to stop the movie. For example, there are many intense scenes of Demi Moore (Jordan O’Neill) working out, and of her shaving her head to fit in with the men. These scenes are really drawn out and seem unnecessary. I feel like these scenes were unnecessary because I don’t think that a women would shave her head just to fit in with men. However, the scenes also make you realize the motive of O’Neill, that she is not going to take any bad treatment from anyone, and she is just as good as any man to enter the training program. The story has a good message that a lot of women should hear, especially women who may feel inferior in their lives or feel belittled. These women need to hear that they are worth it and can do anything they put their minds too no matter what obstacles may be put in front of them. I feel that even though women’s rights have come so far, there are many men who feel that men are superior. Another movie that Ridley Scott directed was Thelma and Louise, which I have heard is also an empowering story about women.


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