Red Eye (2005)

Red Eye (2005)


Synopsis: As Lisa Reisert heads home after attending a funeral, shes put on a red eye flight because of delays, and she is terrified of flying. She meets a charming man in the airport while they had waited and ends up being seated right next to him on the plane as well. The story begins to unfold here when Mr. Charming, Jackson Rippner, tells Lisa he is a terrorist working with a group to assassinate the Deputy Secretary of the Homeland Security, Charles Keefe, and his family. Lisa is the manager for the hotel that Keefe and his family are staying at and instrumental in their plan  to carry out the assassination. Jackson tells Lisa that they will kill her father if she doesn’t cooperate, and that’s just the beginning of the intensely suspenseful story


Review: This was a great movie, with tons of suspense and action. It really played on my fears of airplanes, and I think it was a great setting for the plot of this movie. I felt what Lisa was feeling, terrified about what is happening and trying to decide what the heck to do when put in such a crappy situation. I thought the acting in this movie was great, but I may just be partial to Rachel McAdams. This is definitely my type of movie and I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it before now.



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