The Edge (1997)

Lee Tamahori

So I went camping this weekend in the North Cascades and brought this on my phone I don’t know why. This film is not an Academy Award winner and most critics didn’t care for it, however this is a film I own and watch over and over again, it’s one of my favorites. The film stars a billionaire named Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) and his associate Bob Green (Alec Baldwin) journey to Alaska for a modeling shoot. When things go amiss Bob decides a real artistic vision would be to photograph a local hunter who lives north of the resort. On the way the plane is bombarded with birds causing it to crash Charles a man of remarkable intelligence takes charge in leading the group south and back to safety when with a crash through the bushes emerges the antagonist of the film a giant Grizzly (Bart the Bear) Through out the film the characters are stalked by this beast, as time goes on they begin to throw off the shackles of civilization and learn to adapt to the wild.

Personally this is a staple film for me I love all the actors involved especially Bart the Bear one of the most famous Hollywood animal actors ever he was in The Bear (1988) Legends of the Fall, Clan of the Cave bear, The Great Outdoors, etc. It’s just a solid film with minimal use of computer graphics, a solid story with good actors. Something about this film that did always bother me, and bothers me with all films, is the oblique ending. It really bothers me to no end. Roger Ebert gave the film 3/4 stars. I’ve almost always agreed with him and Gene Siskel’s reviews on movies growing up, I will agree the ending to this film isn’t great, but I do disagree on the placement of the credits.

“Having successfully negotiated almost its entire 118 minutes, The Edge shoots itself in the foot. After the emotionally fraught final moments, just as we are savoring the implications of what has just happened, the screen fades to black and we immediately get a big credit for Bart the Bear. Now Bart is one helluva bear (I loved him in the title role of The Bear), but this credit in this place is a spectacularly bad idea.” Roger Ebert Chicago Sun Times “The Edge”


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