The Lego Movie, 2014

A construction worker Lego figure running away from a bright light, with other Lego characters running alongside him.

Directors: Phil Lord, & Christopher Miller

Synopsis: This movie is about a world of Lego people living seemingly normal lives, just like we do. The main character, Emmet, works a regular job and tries to fit in with everyone and make friends but the people he works with always ignore him and think he is a boring, regular guy. One day after work Emmet sees a suspicious character, Wildstyle, who tricks him with her good looks and he attempts to follow her but falls into a hole and finds this Lego piece, which then knocks him out. Once Emmet awakens he finds himself being questioned by the “bad cop”. This leads to him finding out the bad guys are trying to take over, and a series of events of Emmet and Wildstyle trying to save the world.

Review: At first I was a little apprehensive about how good this movie would be, howver I was quite surprised because it actually wasn’t too bad. I thought the plot was good and contained a lot of humor, action, adventure, and a little drama as well. Quite the well-rounded film if you ask me, even though it is for a younger audience they made it enjoyable for adults too. There was also a good build up in suspense from the beginning when Emmet is captured, to the end when he confronts the lead bad guy, The Man Upstairs. I liked how the film also used such funny names for characters, like “The Man Upstairs”, and the committee of “Master Builders”. Also, a lot of the terms and props they used were entertaining also, like the Kragle just being crazy glue, and the wizard using a half-eaten popsicle as his staff/walking stick. Without saying too much about the ending of the story, I thought the directors and writers did a good job of making it a real life, touching situation that I am sure many families could relate too. Throughout the whole move I wouldn’t have guessed that would’ve been revealed at the end but it made sense once it was and made you realize why several scenes in the film were the way they were.


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