Willow (1988)

Willow (1988)

Director: Ron Howard

Synopsis: The land is ruled by an evil sorceress queen. There is a prophecy that a baby will overthrow her kingdom. The sorceress spends countless time and resources trying to find the baby and killing babies just for good measure. When the baby is born and the sorceress finds her, she orders her daughter to kill the baby. Fortunately, the midwife is able to steal the baby away and sends her down the river in hopes she finds safety. The baby girl is found at the River by a Nelwyn family, a hobbit-like people. Willow is the father of the family and he is reluctant to take care of the child. However, he takes on the responsibility of trying to return this Daikini baby back to her people. Willow is a farmer but he longs to be the village sorcerer. While trying to return the baby, he meets a swordsman and a magical fairy queen who sends Willow on an important journey filled with magic and adventure as he protects this important and sweet baby girl.

Review: Willow is a movie where there is not much that I do not like about the film. I enjoy the flow of the story as it moves along smoothly and is consistent. I really like the costumes and the sets in the movie as well as the creatures. All of these things are very fantasy feeling and attribute to the overall atmosphere of the movie. These attributes help the movie’s atmosphere feel dark and dreary which goes along with the evil sorceress queen’s rule. This is a fun fantasy movie with an epic adventure.

The special effects for 1988 were pretty impressive. For example, there are several transformation scenes where people or creatures are transforming into other creatures. During these scenes, the stop motion flows well and blends in making it difficult to detect. The characters are fun and relatable even though it is a fantasy movie. I really like Willow’s character. He starts off really unsure and has no confidence. Through the adventure and task of saving the baby, Willow gains confidence in himself and his magic skills. Despite his size, Willow takes on big adversaries and is a hero. I have seen several Ron Howard movies and Willow is by far my favorite one. Willow is in my top five favorite fantasy films and is definitely worth the watch. I usually get tired of movies quickly but this one never seems to get old.


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