Monster-in-Law (2005)


Director: Robert Luketic

Synopsis: Monster-in-Law is a romantic comedy starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez plays Charlie a young lady who falls for a handsome young doctor. Thier romance is nothing short of perfect, that is until she meets his mother played by Fonda. Jane Fonda plays an eccentric journalist who loses her job, and  then finds out her only son is getting married and it’s too much to bear. She fakes a mental break down and moves in with Charlie and her son and sets out to destroy their relationship.

Review: Monster-in-Law is a hilarious and at times outrageous movie. Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez have great chemistry on-screen. Wanda Sykes plays a supporting role and is nothing short of hilarious. This movie is a fun romantic comedy that can be watched by any age group. The humor is clean and very funny which is refreshing. I have actually seen this movie many times and enjoy it every time. It is fun to have movies that I can and want to watch every few years and enjoy it as much as the first time I have seen it. I recommend this movie to any one looking for a light-hearted comedy with a good story and great laughs.


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