Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

Director: Chris Columbus

Synopsis: Chris is looking forward to a date in the city with her boyfriend but he cancels because his little sister is sick and he has to watch her. So Chris agrees to babysit the neighbor’s kids, a preteen boy and his kid sister. She is hoping for an easy night of babysitting and TV watching. Just as they are getting settled for the night, Chris gets a call from her friend Brenda. Brenda was trying to run away and she changed her mind and is stuck at the bus station in downtown Chicago and she is freaking out and needs Chris to come get her. So Chris gathers up the kids and one of their friends and travels to the big city to get Brenda. On the way to the city, the tire on the car blows. This is leads to crazy situations like being captured by car thieves and chased by criminals, climbing outside of skyscrapers, college parties, gang fights, getting Brenda from the bus station, and racing home before the parents.

Review: The Adventures in Babysitting is an epic babysitting movie. There are some dark and crazy situations that the kids and the babysitter get in but the movie is lined with humor. The humor of the movie is enjoyable. For instance, the little sister thinks that she is the superhero Thor. When they are pulled over on the side of the freeway and a strange man pulls over she tells everyone to get behind her because she will protect them because she thinks that she is a superhero.  I enjoyed the overall atmosphere and feel of the movie. The atmosphere is very 1980s feeling- from the clothes, to the cars, to the people. All of the situations that the babysitter and the kids get into are so insane they are funny and unrealistic. For example, it is unrealistic that the little girl is climbing outside of a skyscraper and does not get hurt or fall.

The protagonists in this movie are the babysitter and the kids. The antagonist in this movie are all of the crazy situations that happen throughout the movie. The goal of the protagonists’ is to get Brenda from the downtown Chicago bus station and to get the kids home before their parents. Overall, The Adventures in Babysitting is a fun adventurous movie that keeps you guessing what else could go wrong?


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