Frozen (2013)

Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Synopsis: Two sisters, Elsa and Anna, are very close to one another in the earlier stages of their lives. However, Elsa has powers to turn things into ice and those powers end up forcing her and Anna apart from each other when Elsa accidentally hits Anna with a blast of her power almost killing her. Anna wants nothing more than to be close with Elsa. Elsa wants the same, but feels that she is protecting Anna by staying away from her. Later, Elsa is to be crowned Queen. During the crowning ceremony, Anna meets a handsome Prince names Hans who she wants to fall in love with. Hans proposes to Anna at the ceremony and tells Elsa the good news. Elsa is angered by this and cannot control her anger and her powers come out, Elsa begins turing the whole town to ice. Elsa flees to the mountains, as she is going to be cast away by the people. Anna then goes on an adventure looking for her sister. Anna then meets Kristoff, who helps Anna finder sister. Meanwhile, Hans is supposed to be in charge on the kingdom while Elsa and Anna are gone. Hans is a bad guy, who wants the kingdom for himself. He just has to be rid of the sisters after he marries Anna. As Anna finds Elsa to bring her back, the sisters are faced with Elsa’a powers and Hans’s plans to take over.

Review: I love Disney! And I love that this movie brings back the musical theme of a Disney movie. Recently, Disney movies have had music playing, but has not been quite like a musical that Disney movies once were. The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and The Beast area all great examples of Disney musicals. I thought that Frozen really captured the same theme as these films as the sisters and other characters are constantly singing in this film. On that same note, the song, “Let it Go” has been a major hit and won the Academy Award for best original song. Not only did I love the music and the famous Disney theme, I also love that the hero in the film is not a prince. In this film the bad guy is the prince, and the heroes are Elsa and Anna. A FEMALE is the hero in this Disney film, which is completely out of the normal context. I think that this is awesome to show the film’s young viewers that women can rise above, save themselves, and reach any goal possible. It really is empowering to show young girls that they do not need men to rely on, and only need rely on themselves.


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