Hot Fuzz (2007)


Director: Edgar Wright

Synopsis: This hilarious and over the top movie follows the adventures of big city cop, Nicholas Angel.  Angel is promoted to Sargent and then immediately sent to the small village of Sandford.  The reason for this relocation is because Angel makes his colleges look bad and so they send him to the most boring spot in the country.  After arriving in town he immediately finds out that many crimes in the town, such as underage drinking and DUI, go unpunished.  The towns people do this so they can keep winning “Village of the Year.”  Soon more serious crimes start to happen and Angel has to try to figure out what is happening and put a stop to it.

Review:  This is a crazy movie made by crazy people.  It is violent and just amazing.  The stereotypical big city cop moving to small town story line has been used and abused in movies of the past.  In this movie, however, new life is breathed into the old story line.  Every single scene of this movie is entertaining and hilarious.  The banter between Pegg, who played Angel, and Frost who plays Angels’ partner, is simply amazing.  The whole movie is made better by the way those two guys interact and there is so much chemistry between them.  This is my favorite of the Cornetto trilogy and I would highly recommend anyone who has not seen this to pick it up.  You will not be disappointed.


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