Tyler Perry’s Temptation (2013)


Director: Tyler Perry

Synopsis: Temptation is a movie about a young Christian couple who move to New York from the south to start their lives. Judith the girl, is inspiring to be a marriage counselor and while her husband is a pharmacist. At her current job as a matchmaker at a dating company she meets a wealthy business man, Harley and he immediately begins to flirt with her. Her strong religious beliefs keep her away from him at first but then she eventually falls for him. She being partying and doing drugs with Harley and quits her job and leaves her husband. Judith thinks she has everything she ever wanted, but then she finds out something she never knew about Harley, something not so amazing, and something she can never undo.

Review: I was quite surprised with this movie by Tyler Perry, it is quite different then other movies he’s worked on, I feel like this is one of the more serous films he has produced. I also really like the turn the story took toward the end. At first the movie has you feeling like it’s not going to be so serious and its just going to be a silly movie about a affair, but then it takes a serious dramatic turn, and you get to know the characters more deeply and you see there is more too it then just an affair. It’s actually quiet a sad movie. I didn’t see the end coming at all, it was quite a shock and I think Tyler Perry did a fantastic job of hiding the relation between Harley and Melinda to the relation Harley had with Judith. Overall I thought it was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone, as it also shows a very important life lesson.


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