“Without a Paddle”

Director: Steven Brill

“Without a Paddle” is a story about four buddies Billy, Jerry, Tom and Dan who were inseparable. They spent the majority of their childhood building a tree fort named “Fort Cooper”. They obsessed with finding the remains of the famed airplane hijacker D.B.Cooper. The boys compiled a treasure chest complete with maps and an “Indiana Jones” compass which they planned to use on their search adventure. Eventually the boys went their separate ways to find what life had to hold for them as individual adults. Ten years later Billy the true adventurer died and the remaining boys reunited at his funeral back in their hometown. Upon rediscovering the tree fort and treasure box they realized Billy had continued the drive and planning of the adventure to find Cooper. The now grown men agreed to go on the camping trip and fulfill Billy’s dream of locating D.B. Cooper.

While on the “camping trip of a lifetime” the friends were confronted with many outlandish situations. Among them a wild bear, a burning pot field, two earth girls “Flower and Butterfly” and a mountain man named “Del”. While running through the burning pot field Jerry saw a vision of Billy as a child who strongly encouraged them to continue on the journey. Along the way each man was faced with the reality of his own life and that life was too short to waste.

I enjoyed this movie even though many of the situations the men encountered on the “treasure hunting” camping trip were rather unrealistic. I suppose the silly extreme situations are what made this film so funny. The scenes of the old towns in Oregon were reminiscent of good times and easier days. I would definitely watch “Without a Paddle” again in order to see the parts I missed because I was laughing! I would say it’s an easy Friday night kind of movie.


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