The Addams Family (1991)

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

The story of the kooky and spooky Addams Family based on the acclaimed long running comic by the same name illustrated by Charles Addams that ran from 1938-1988. The story follows the return of the estranged Uncle Fester to the Addams household after traveling abroad in the Bermuda Triangle. All is not well when the family notices that Fester seems a bit off upon his return. It is revealed to the viewer that Fester is part of a devious plot to rob the family of it’s fortune. Later the antagonists behind Fester discover that he is the executor of the family estate and there by has the right to the fortune. With this knowledge the conspirators push Fester into seizing the household and kicking the Family to the street. When Mortica seeks to reconcile with Fester she is taken hostage to divulge the location of the Family fortune. Fester torn with the love of his supposed family and the woman claiming to be his mother ends with  climatic and bizarre circumstances resulting in Fester being struck by lightning and having his memory restored when it is revealed that he had amnesia and was brainwashed after being found in a fishnet in the Bermuda Triangle.

I love this movie it’s a staple form my childhood while perhaps not the best written film it’s filled with hilarious one liners and the wonder cast make this film timeless. it was a commercial smash with a budget of 38 million and grossing a return of almost 192 million! Which led to a less successful sequel. Barry Sonnenfeld has a rich history of successful films including Throw Mamma from the train, Get shorty,Men in Black. And his style of film making almost reminds me of curling up with your favorite blanket. I just wish better writing had been employed and who knows perhaps a trilogy would have been made.


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