Cyberbully (2011)


Directed by: Charles Biname

Summary: Taylor is a young girl in highschool. Her mother has always been very strict about internet use in their home. However, for Taylor’s birthday her mother gives her a laptop and in turn, Taylor more online freedom. Taylor and her girlfriends set her up on a social media site that the entire school is on which is fun at first until her account gets hacked. She eventually finds out it was her brother, however it’s too late people at school have already started judging her and writing mean things on her page.

Review: This is an ABC family movie which I usually would’nt give much attention, however I think this movie does have a very pertinant message. Bullying has spread past the playground and into our homes via social media. People spreading lies and saying hurtful things online is just as bad if not worse as saying it to someone’s face. Online as this movie points out, there is not just one person saying bad things but like a mob mentality of a whole group ganging up on a single person. Teens seem to be especially vulnerable to this type of bullying, it occurs online and then is talked about at school, resulting  in twice as much harrassment. That is hurtful and hard on anyone’s psyche, but especially young people who lack the coping skills to effectively deal with all this negativity. Cyberbullying is an issue every parent and child should be aware of, this movie presents it well.



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