How to Marry a Millionaire

Director: Jean Negulesco

“How to Marry a Millionaire” is a rather funny story line about three starving models in New York City in the early 50’s. The models “Schatze” (Lauren Bacall), “Loco” (Betty Grable), and “Pola” (Marilyn Monroe) carried out a scheme developed by Schatze to lore men with money into their lives. They rented a very expensive lavishly furnished, upscale apartment in the “Brookman” building from a gentlemen that was out of the country for tax evasion. As time went on they had to sell the furniture in the apartment in order to pay the rent. The furniture was bought and sold several times. All three met and perused men, Loco and Pola eventually for love and did not return to the apartment. Schatze however continued her pursuit for a man with money while becoming friends with a man Tom Brookman who she assumed had no money and referred to him as a “gas station pumper”. Tom was aware of the scheme and Schatze’s need for money and knew he made her happy but she kept turning him away. Schatze met an older rich man and planned to marry him because he had money.

I enjoyed this movie from the perspective looking back at the old days and how movies were made. The fake scenery, lavish clothing and décor of the apartment were clever but not very authentic. The story line is a little old in that everyone wants to get rich quick but that’s not how life really works. There were some pretty funny scenes but not totally enthralling.


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